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Join us at our free website development and website design workshops held several times each month at Northwoods Software. We cover useful, relevant and current web topics.  Our free workshops have been attended by thousands in the Milwaukee area, businesses across Wisconsin, and throughout the Midwest.

  Titan CMS Overview

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Titan CMS is a full featured yet flexible and intuitive content management system widely used by a wide range of clients including - City of Milwaukee, Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Medical College of Wisconsin, United Way of Milwaukee, Jefferson Wells, and hundreds of other large and small organizations.

For those of you not familiar with the term, "content management" refers to features that allow all of the information on a web site to be dynamically maintained by non-technical users, and to be viewed and published based on the user's password/login.


  • Dramatically improve accuracy and timeliness of web-based information while reducing the time required to maintain such quality.
  • Support the sharing of specific content across multiple sites, resulting in "one version of the truth" - maintain in one place.
  • Greatly simplify the process of updating web site content, and allow content editors to preview their changes in real-time.
  • Allow a large number of non-technical staff members to easily become authors/editors and "own" their own content instead of submitting change-requests to the webmaster.
  • Allow the webmaster and other managers to delegate day-to-day content management tasks while maintaining approve/publish duties.
  • Quickly add pages, interactive forms, event calendars and many other new features to your website without the assistance of programmers.


  • Extranets (secure web sites for key business partners)
  • Intranets (secure web sites for employees and internal business partners)
  • Web site development and interactive design
  • Database development


Free ($5 optional lunch)

Date & Location

Tuesday, February 16
1572 East Capitol Drive
Shorewood, WI  53211


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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12:00 - 1:00 pm
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Finding Northwoods

Northwoods - specializing in web design and software - is located just west of Shorewood High School, on East Capitol Drive in Shorewood, WI. 

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About Northwoods Software and Web Design

Northwoods presents workshops free of sales pitches. You want to learn.  We want to earn your business. The best way to accomplish both is to offer useful information you will value. 

Like what we teach? Then call and ask us to introduce our products and services.

Still not sure? Ask any of the 3,000 people who have attended one of our workshops in the past five years.

Northwoods Software and Web Design is the developer of Titan Content Management System (CMS) which offers powerful, yet user friendly, web authoring and editing for non-technical users. Our Titan CMS blends high functionality with superior usability and ease-of-use.

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Titan CMS Overview

Titan CMS is a full featured yet flexible and intuitive content management system. We will show you how Titan CMS can help you. February 16

2016 Website Design Trends

Fast-paced tour of 2016 website design trends. February 18

Intranet Best Practices: Strategy & Design

Learn how to improve productivity, cut costs, and implement the features employees and partners need. February 25

Return of the Microsite

Leverage your website investment by building microsites to help promote and market specific products and services. We will demonstrate the opportunities for search engine marketing and measuring the effectiveness of online and offline promotional efforts. March 1

Planning Your Website Redesign

Our strategy team will engage seminar attendees to discuss existing strategies, examine current web sites and provide high-level answers to common web site related questions. March 3

Social Media - Doing It Right

Learn to focus on the social media outlets that will boost awareness, drive engagement and amplify your content at this interactive workshop. March 10

Google Analytics – An Introduction

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful website tracking tool that helps measure your online marketing and website effectiveness. March 15

SEO in 2016 and Beyond

SEO is more than keywords and page titles. Learn how to develop a modern, comprehensive SEO strategy for your website, and discover how to implement tactics that work. March 17

Mobile Apps - Why, How and More Than You Think

Yes, mobile apps are cool, but are you sure need one? Our workshop will show to you how to develop an effective mobile app strategy that will meet your organization's needs. April 5

Kick Starting Your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to integrate content, SEO, and social media to develop a complete content marketing strategy. April 7

Writing for the Web

Common sense approach to creating a usable and content rich website. April 21

Successful Websites for Manufacturers

Join us at this free learning event and find out how to maximize your online potential. May 12

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See our list of past Northwoods Workshops and Seminars to download session materials or view selected videos.

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"Just a quick note of thanks for helping me increase my downloads by 25%!  I made changes to my landing page based on what I learned at your recent  workshop and my downloads improved from 7,000 a month to over 8,700 a month in less than 30 days.  Thanks!"

Charles Rathmann

B.Sc. l Marketing Communications Analyst l Marketing

"I’ve been extremely pleased with our selection of Northwoods to provide the software development and maintenance for our website!
We continue to get rave reviews about the website and numerous hits as well.  Entrepreneurs are using the site for assistance in growing their business."  

Daniel J. Steininger
BizStarts Milwaukee Board Member



Questions about a Learn @ Lunch or Workshop? Send an email or give us a call at 414.914.9115

Northwoods Software
1572 E Capitol Drive
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